House in pine forest GRP – Golf Club

Partial renovation of an apartment of the seventies set in a prestigious Golf Club Lombard, with a remarkable view of the park and the nearby Club house. The housing cutting, with minimal building interventions, It was brought back to the original system, modificatosi over the years. The creation of a new wall device integrates technological equipment (Video's hi-fi) with a hearth, improving the use of living, which opens towards a large terrace, also renovated.
The design of a light iron staircase / deck and stone mitigates the gap – typical in the years of construction of the house – between the floor of the living and that of the master bedroom. The transformation of a bedroom in bed adapts to new uses of the house, frequented by younger generations.. Few interventions designed to interpret the sensitivity of the owners of a much loved family home.

Reconstruction windows and interior and exterior floors; modification electrical system and heating; new air conditioning system.
Photo: M.Carloni

Project and D.L.: Studio Jam
realization: Consortium of companies